Sanctuary / Liturgical Items

Main Sanctuary

Altar – Pledged by a generous donor that prefers to remain anonymous


Tabernacle – Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Zaytoun, Sr., Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Zaytoun, Jr. and Mr. Patrick and Dr. Mary Paula Steele

Cathedra – Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mann

Reredos Columns (8) –

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Green

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loftus

Mrs. Elleen Sunder

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zell in honor of the Zell and Nguyen Families

Crucifix – Mr. and Mrs. Pat Boyle

Altar Rail

Priest Celebrant Chair (Pledged) Mr. and Mrs. Eric Young

Deacon Chair (2/next to Cathedra)

Deacon Chair (2/next to the priest celebrant chair)

Credence Table (Pledged) – Deacon and Mrs. John Hancock

Server Chair (8) – Mr. and Mrs. William Salmon, and Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Zadell

Prie Dieu (4)

Nave and Transepts

Baptismal Font  – The Cavanaugh Family


Book of the Gospels Stand


Offertory Table – Mr. and Mrs. John Wichtrich


Altar (Pledged)



Reredos  – Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bell, Jr., in memory of Ms. Thann Bernice Bell

Credence Table – Deacon and Mrs. John Hancock

Priest Chair – Mr. and Mrs. Eric Young

Server Chair (2) – Ms. Peg Atkinson

Chair (40)

Offertory Table

Choir Loft / Music

Choir chairs

Sacred Vessels, Altar Ware, and Other Liturgical Items for Mass

Processional Cross (2) – Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Buckley

Chalice and Paten-Gold

Chalice and Paten-Silver (Pledged) – Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Szews

Altar Crucifix (2) – Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Boyle

Ciboria for Sacred Body Distribution (10)

Chalice for Precious Blood Distribution (20)

Thurible and Boat for Incense (2) – Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Usher

Altar Linens

Lavabo Bowl and Pitcher – Mr. and Mrs. Clive Meerholz in Honor of the Meerholz and Russell Families

Cruet Sets (2)

For Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Monstrance for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (2) – Dr. and Mrs. John Georgitis

Sanctuary Lamps

Main Sanctuary

Chapel (2) (both Pledged) – Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Mistrot


Main Sanctuary (4) (all Pledged) – Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Speltz, and Dr. and Mrs. Alan Briggaman

Paschal Candle Stand

Altar Candle Stand – Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Speltz

Tabernacle Candle Stands (2) – Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schiermeier

Processional Torches (6) – Mr. and Mrs. Marek Kucharsi

Adoration Candelabra (2) (both Pledged) – Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wallace

Chapel (2)

Blessed Virgin Mary Candles – Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peckham, Jr., in Honor of the Edward and Theresia Peckham Family

Saint Joseph Votive Candle Stand  – Mrs. Joan Totte in Honor of Robert and Joan Totte

Blessed Virgin Mary Votive Candle Stand – Mr. Jason and Mrs. Majorie Sack-York in Honor of Nicholas and Natalie York

Votive Candle Stands for Ambulatory Statues (46)

Advent Wreath and Candles Stand (2)

Consecration Candle Brackets (4)

Other Sacred Vessels

Holy Oil Vessels (3)

Holy Water Font (6)

Aspergillum for Sprinkling Holy Water (2)

Ritual Books and Related Items

Roman Pontifical – Dr. and Mrs. Lucas Martinez

Roman Missal Stand (2) – Mr. Robert Baugh

Book of the Gospels Cover – Mr. Kevin J. Beichner in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Will Currier

Book of the Gospels – Mr. Kevin J. Beichner in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Will Currier

Lectionary (Pledged) – Mr. John Hatcher

Roman Missal (Pledged)

Seasonal Items

Nativity Set – Paul & Linda Bedo and Travis, Emily, Anderson, Jeremy and Samantha Knick in Memory of Alfred Bedo and Paul Ray Maxwell

Liturgical Vestments

Altar Servers

Cassock and Surplice (24)
Alb (24)